…Masking Like…SpongeBob?

I just had the biggest epiphany. The SpongeBob episode where he turns into Norm. You know..."Hi, I'm Norm." SpongeBob is freaking masking. He watches Squidward and starts copying him...masking...trying to be normal. Oh. Em. Gee. Right? And the best part is, SpongeBob is ridiculed all the time. Especially from Squidward. But what happens when he… Continue reading …Masking Like…SpongeBob?

…Too Afraid to Ask for Sauce

Let me set the scene: I'm sitting on my couch, in the middle of a virtual class. (Yay, Zoom). In twenty minutes my class will be over, I take an exam in my next class, then I go to work for an hour at a preschool. Suddenly, I get a text from my boss: Picking… Continue reading …Too Afraid to Ask for Sauce